Daniel Craig McCool

University of Utah
Political Science/Environmental and Sustainability Studies

260 S. Central Campus Drive Room 252
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

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Professor McCool's research focuses on water resource development, public lands policy, voting rights, and Indian water rights. He is the author of: River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America's Rivers (Columbia 2012); Native Waters: Contemporary Indian Water Settlements and the Second Treaty Era (Arizona 2002) and Command of the Waters: Iron Triangles, Federal Water Development, and Indian Water (California 1994). He co-authored: Native Vote: American Indians, the Voting Rights Act, and Indian Voting (Cambridge 2007); Staking Out the Terrain: Power and Performance Among Natural Resource Agencies (SUNY 1996, 2d ed); and Public Policy Theories, Models and Concepts (Prentice Hall 1995). He is the editor of The Most Fundamental Right: Contrasting Perspective on the Voting Rights Act (Indiana 2012). He edited two books with his students: Waters of Zion: The Politics of Water in Utah (Utah 1995) and Contested Landscape: The Politics of Wilderness in Utah and the West (Utah 1999). He has served as a consultant for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U. S. Department of Justice, The ACLU's Voting Rights Project, and the Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy.

McCool, Daniel. 2012. "River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America's Rivers." Columbia University Press.
Abstract: This book tells the story of America’s rivers and the movement to bring them back to health and vigor. I develop the theme of a “river republic” by focusing on citizens who become politically active to save a local river.
URL: http://www.cup.columbia.edu/book/978-0-231-16130-5/
McCool, Daniel, ed. 2012. The Most Fundamental Right: Contrasting Perspectives on the Voting Rights Act. Indiana University Press.
Abstract: Abstract: The book is a debate in print over the future of the Voting Rights Act. The chapter authors are the leading voices in that debate.
McCool, Daniel, Susan Olson, and Jennifer Robinson. 2007. Native Vote: American Indians, the Voting Rights Act, and the Right to Vote. Cambridge University Press.
Abstract: This book provides a history and analysis of Indian voting rights, with emphasis on cases brought under the Voting Rights Act. Three case studies are used to illustrate the legal issues in such cases. The final chapter describes contemporary efforts by American Indians to participate in the political system.

Substantive Focus:
Law and Policy SECONDARY
Environmental Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY