Mark K. McBeth

Idaho State University
Political Science

Stop 8073
Idaho State University
Pocatello, ID

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I am currently working with several colleagues on the Narrative Policy Framework (NPF). The NPF deals with the role of policy narratives in the public policy process and was featured in the third edition of Theories of the Policy Process (Sabatier and Weible, editors).

Clemons, Randy S., Mark K. McBeth, and Elizabeth Kusko. 2012. "Understanding the Role of Policy Narratives and the Public Policy Arena: Obesity as a Lesson in Public Policy Development." World Medical & Health Policy 4 (2).
Jones, Michael D., and Mark K. McBeth. 2010. "Narrative Policy Framework: Clear Enough to be Wrong?" Policy Studies Journal 38 (2): 329-353.
McBeth, Mark K., Elizabeth A. Shanahan, Ruth J. Arnell, and Paul L. Hathaway. 2007. "The Intersection of Narrative Policy Analysis and Policy Change Theory." Policy Studies Journal 35 (1): 87-108.
McBeth, Mark K., Donna L. Lybecker, and Kacee Garner. 2010. "The Story of Good Citizenship: Framing Public Policy in the Context of Duty-Based versus Engaged Citizenship." Politics & Policy 38 (1): 1-23.

Substantive Focus:
Environmental Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation