Yehezkel Dror

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Political Science

Neve Amit, Ap. 315,
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My 2014 book "Avant-Garde Politician: Leaders for a New Epoch reflected my new concerns. These are further developed in two books approaching publication. The first, entitled Humanity-Craft: Saving Humanity from Itself: An Epistle to Homo Sapiens Governors presents a holistic view of the challenges facing humanity in the emerging novel era which I call "Anthropo-autotransmutation" and proposed a set of "humanity-craft" principles for coping with them, based on a synthesis between a revised parts of philosophy of action and person policy-advisory experience -- continuing with outlining a new genre of political leaders needed for realizing them. The second book, which in some ways is a continuation and update of my 1972 book on Crazy States, deals with the paradoxical phenomenon o self-righteous mass-killers and the growing threat they pose thanks to much more effective instruments of mass-killing, such as synthesized viruses, sure to be supplied by science and technology. An integrated set of countermeasures, going beyond main-stream literature and praxis on terrorism, is proposed.

Dror, Yehezkel. 2014. "Avant-Garde Politician: Leaders for a New Epoch." Washington, DC: Westphalia Press.
Abstract: This book presents an original iconoclastic view of humanity moving through metamorphosis, driven mainly by science and technology. Radical human enhancement, synthesis of viruses and perhaps forms of life, new interfaces between humanity and its environments, and replacement of much of human employment by quasi-intelligent robots and molecular engineering illustrate the emerging radical break in the history of Homo sapiens. Just as important are likely value changes, between expanding mass-killing fanaticism and human “maturation,” and perhaps another Axial Age transforming human self-understanding. All these pose unprecedented opportunities for thriving and dangers of calamities, up to demise of humanity. Coping requires thinking in term of humanity as a whole, a radically novel global regime up to a Circumscribed Global Leviathan, and new modes of human existence. Also essential is a new type of avant-garde political leaders qualified to compose and implement radical "humanity-craft" grand-policies advancing raison d’humanite. The book explains the metamorphosis, details raison d’humanité-serving imperatives, proposed a Global Humanity Constitutions with a powerful Global Authority, specified required qualities of avant-garde politicians and ways to acquire them, and proposes approaches to composing humanity-crafts.
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Substantive Focus:
Governance PRIMARY
Defense and Security SECONDARY
Science and Technology Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY