Kerry R. Stewart

University of North Georgia - Gainesville
Political Science and International Affairs

University of North Georgia - Gainesville
3820 Mundy Mill Road
Oakwood, GA

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Currently I am working on 2 projects. One deals with virtue ethics, character and moral culpability. My second project deals with "Closet Segregation" which still exists in many Northern cities as a result of what is "de facto" segregation. The first, of what a hope will be a series of articles and possibly a book, deals with the city of Toledo, Ohio from 1949-1963.

"'Closet Segregation' in Northern Cities: A Case Study of Toledo, Ohio 1949-1963"
Abstract: This paper uses as its hypothesis that city government in Toledo, Ohio was responsible for the lack of low-cost public housing from 1943 to 1961. Although many City Council members claimed that they had a moral obligation to help those less fortunate than themselves, the Council chose to circumvent that responsibility. This paper will show that although there were problems in gaining federal support, Toledo city government had the opportunity but failed to support a policy that would have resulted in the building of low-cost public housing and helped eliminate segregation present in that city as a result of White pressure that was not all racially based.. As a result, no new, affordable, low-cost public housing became available to a growing nonwhite population in Toledo from 1944 to 1961. Urban renewal efforts in the city also suffered because Washington would not release Housing Act of 1949 monies until Toledo submitted an acceptable master plan which included desegregation of low-cost public housing.

Substantive Focus:
Law and Policy
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Defense and Security PRIMARY
Urban Public Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY