Karen Marie Kedrowski

Winthrop University
The Center for Civic Learning

109 Dinkins Hall
Winthrop University
Rock Hill, SC
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I study breast cancer and breastfeeding policy in the US and comparative contexts.

Kedrowski, Karen M. and Michael E. Lipscomb. 2009. "Breast-Feeding Practices, Policies, an Politics in a Global Context." Joyce Gelb and Marian Lief Palley, eds. Women and Politics Around the World: A Comparative History and Survey, Volume 1 (pp. 129-142). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
Abstract: The chapter analyzes breastfeeding rights and policies around the world, including the Nestle Boycott and the UN Innocenti Declaration.
Kedrowski, Karen M. and Marilyn Stine Sarow. 2015. "Lessons in Cancer Activism from the Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Movements." Janice M. Phillips and Barbara Holmes Damron eds. Cancer and Public Policy: Advancements and Opportunities (pp. 289-310). Pittsburgh, PA: Oncology Nursing Society.
Abstract: This chapter updates Cancer Activism and finds many of the same patterns persist. Breast cancer activists remain more successful than prostate cancer activists in generating media coverage and public policy attention.
"Breastfeeding Rights in the United States." 2008. Praeger/Greenwood Press. With Michael E. Lipscomb.
Abstract: The first comprehensive analysis of breastfeeding policy in the United States, drawing upon state and federal legislation and course cases. This book finds that there is scant protections of women who wish to practice their right to breastfeed.
"Cancer Activism: Gender, Media and Public Policy." 2007. University of Illinois Press. With Marilyn Stine Sarow.
Abstract: This book analyzes and compares the breast cancer and prostate cancer movements in terms of media coverage and public policy.

Substantive Focus:
Health Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY