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Social Policy I see social and public policy as a specialized field of theory and practice involved in social transformation. Much of it as offered now in Schools of Social Work deals with ‘social welfare’ as discussed in recycled, self-plagiarized, expensive textbooks which leave students with a myopic view of policy as a whole. The Policy Practice rhetoric proved hollow and self-serving. Some spurious work is being done to expand Policy focus to include social development. This helps textbook sales but yields nothing substantial. My approach to social and public policies has been integral to social change in its basic dimensions. Social Work’s main function is to change bad practices. Many of our professional policies are counterproductive to achieve social justice that is our Holy Grail. As a vehicle of empowerment and transformation—it’s neither ‘strength’ nor ‘asset’-based perspective— a revolutionary approach is warranted which calls for total overhaul of educational system. In my discourses on social policy and related offerings I ventured to indulge in dialogical-didactic pedagogy with a view to unravel the oppressive aspects of our counterproduive policy mechanisms that inbreed racism, sexism and injustices.

Mohan, B. 2015. Global Frontiers of Social Development in Theory and Practice: Climate, Economy, and Justice. NY: Palgrave Mohan, B. 2011. Development, Poverty of Culture, and Social Policy. NY: Palgrave. Th rest of my 20 books deal issues related issues.
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Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
International Relations
Social Policy
Comparative Public Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History
Policy Process Theory SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY