Jon Palfreman

University of Oregon
School of Journalism and Communication

Allen 308
1275 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
97403-1275 |  Visit Personal Website

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Over the last two decades, my research has involved in-depth investigative reports centered on the intersection of science and technology, and policy and law, with such films as: (1) NOVA/FRONTLINE: What's up with the Weather (about global climate change); (2) FRONTLINE: Breast Implants on Trial; (3) FRONTLINE: Prisoners of Silence (about an alleged new treatment for autism); and (4) NOVA/FRONTLINE: Harvest of Fear (about genetically modified food); (5) and FRONTLINE: Sick Around America (about health policy); and (6) FRONTLINE: The Vaccine War (about the science and politics of vaccines).

Palfreman, Jon. 2012. ""Nuclear Aftershocks." Frontline. PBS.
Palfreman, Jon. 2010. "The Vaccine War." Frontline. PBS.
Palfreman, Jon. 2006. "The Rise and Fall of Power Line EMFs: The Anatomy of a Magnetic Controversy." Review of Policy Research 23: 453-472.
Palfreman, Jon. 2006. "A Tale of Two Fears: Exploring Media Depictions of Nuclear Power and Global Warming." Review of Policy Research 23: 23-43.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Science and Technology Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation SECONDARY
Public Opinion PRIMARY