Alan Hugh McGowan

The New School
Environmental Studies

66 West 94th St
Apt. 15B
New York, New York
United States

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How to develop an energy policy that is both realistic and mitigates against climate change. The real dilemma is in regard to nuclear power. Many people do not like it, and are afraid of it. Yet, most analysis says that without drastic curtailing of energy use, "sustainability" in regard to climate change cannot be achieved without nuclear power. What kind of nuclear power plants to build, and how to make it palatable to a skeptical public, are questions we have not yet answered.

McGowan, Alan 2013 The Case for Nuclear Power. In Jewish Currents. Pp. 4-7, Vol. 67. New York
McGowan, Alan 2012 Teaching Science and Ethics to Undergraduates: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Science and Engineering Ethics.

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy PRIMARY
Environmental Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus: