Richard Sylves

University of Delaware
Political Science and IR

12 South Wynwyd Dr
Newark, Delaware
United States

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I am an Emeritus Professor of Political Science and IR from University of Delaware. I research and write in the subfield of emergency management and disaster policy. I have published 5 books and some 80 articles. My latest book is DISASTER POLICY AND POLITICS, 2nd ed., Sage/CQ Press, 2015. I am an expert on presidential disaster declarations and I have a book underway which examines U.S. and Canada disaster management along their respective international border. My email address is

Disaster Policy and Politics: Emergency Management and Homeland Security. 2nd. Ed. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, a division of Sage Publishing Inc., 2015. (paperback)
Abstract: Study of U.S. emergency management and homeland security from 1950-2014. Ten chapter work which includes history of the field, policy-management-organization theories, important of presidential disaster declarations, role of science and engineering, intergovernmental relations of U.S. disaster management, role of civil-military relations in disaster and security, globalization of disasters and their response & management, victim compensation and the 9/11 example, plus case studies of Hurricanes Sandy & Katrina, Fukushima incident, BP Horizon Spill, Boston Marahon bombing and more. The study explains in concise form the National Response Framework, the National Disaster Recovery Framework, the Incident Command system, and FEMA disaster assistance programs.

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Defense and Security PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY