Richard Feiock

Florida State University
Public Adminstration and Policy

Askew School
Bellamy Building 6th Floor
Tallahassee, FL
32303-2250 |  Visit Personal Website

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My research focuses on exploring the influences of local institutions networks, and governance on local policy actions and collaboration particularly as related to local sustainability, climate policy and urban infrastructure. Much of this work is linked to advancing Institutional political market and institutional collective action theories. The research programs are summarized at

Feiock, R. (2013). The Institutional Collective Action Framework. Policy Studies Journal 41(3): 397–425. Open Access:
Abstract: Institutional collective action (ICA) dilemmas arise from the division or partitioning of authority in which decisions by one government in one or more specific functional area impacts other governments and/or other functions. The focus on externalities of choice in fragmented systems integrates multiple research traditions into a conceptual system to understand and investigate collective dilemmas ubiquitous in contemporary governance arrangements. The mechanisms for mitigating ICA dilemmas are classified according to their scope and enforcement. Incentives to participate in a mechanism are hypothesized to favor mechanisms that provide the greatest gain for the least cost under different conditions of collaboration risk as determined by the nature of the underlying ICA problem, the compositions of affected jurisdictions, and institutional contexts. After reviewing empirical applications of the framework, an agenda to advance the theoretical and empirical development of the ICA approach is advanced.
DOI: 10.1111/psj.12023

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy
Environmental Policy
Governance PRIMARY
Urban Public Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY