Urban Strandberg

University of Gothenburg
Department of Political Science, Centre for European Studies (CES)

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SE-405 30
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Many countries are at a crossroads in terms of maintaining their energy supply. The use of fossil fuels has reached a point when the existing resources appear to be dwindling, while combustion is contributing to rapidly accelerating climate change and global warming. Several national governments and energy companies regard nuclear power as one piece in the design of future sustainability, energy security, and economic prosperity. There are, however, grave downsides to a nuclear power renaissance. Besides the inevitable problems of nuclear weapons proliferation, the fact that no country has established a final waste repository for spent nuclear fuel and HLW throws fundamental doubt on nuclear energy expansion. Such an expansion would increase the total amount of waste, spread it over a growing number of countries, and postpone the final date for generating additional waste into the remote future. To that must be added that the processes of globalization have transformed the nuclear industry in the direction of increased privatization, concentration, and internationalization. This leads to uncertainties regarding to who will assume responsibility and meet the challenges for developing safe and secure nuclear waste management. In these circumstances is it of greatest importance that researchers from different disciplines and countries meet to share experiences. From this background my current research agenda is to initiate and carry through research which could contribute to a responsible foresight and a critical global discussion regarding HLW-management.

Strandberg, Urban, 2011,‘Seven principles, two unreasonable objectives, and one lingering predicament: unavailing endeavors to bring about legitimate management of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste’, Conceptual paper submitted to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, June 28, 2011.
Strandberg, Urban, guest ed. 2006. "Symposium: Consolidated or Eroded Political Legitimacy? Perspectives on Scandinavian Democracies." Journal of European Public Policy 13 (4): 537-606.
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Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy
Environmental Policy
Governance PRIMARY
Defense and Security
Science and Technology Policy SECONDARY
Comparative Public Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History SECONDARY
Policy Process Theory
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY