Mark Carl Rom

Georgetown University
Government and Public Policy

37th and O Street, N.W.
312 Old North
Washington,, D.C.
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My current research focuses on: 1) the politics of sex education; 2) political bias in college-level grading; 3) data visualization using time-series, cross-sectional state-level data.

Rom, Mark Carl. 2011. “Grading More Accurately,” Journal of Political Science Education 7 (2): 208-223.
Abstract: Grades matter. College grading systems, however, are often ad hoc and prone to mistakes. This essay focuses on one factor that contributes to high-quality grading systems: grading accuracy (or 'efficiency'). I proceed in several steps. First, I discuss the elements of 'efficient' (i.e., accurate) grading. Next, I present analytical results indicating how often our grading schemes are likely to be inefficient, and I also discuss the causes for grading inefficiency. The following sections describe ways to make our grading systems more efficient, especially by increasing the number of scores and by providing clearer guidance on what constitutes high-quality performance. Finally, I offer data from my own 'natural' experiment in grading and offer some concluding comments.
DOI: 10.1080/15512169.2011.564916
Rom, Mark Carl. 2011. “President Obama’s Health Care Reform: The Impossible Inevitable.” In The Obama Presidency: Continuity and Change, eds. Robert Maranto, Andrew Dowdle and Dirk van Raemdonc. New York: Routledge. p. 149-161.
Rom, Mark Carl. Forthcoming. “Below the (Bible) Belt: Religion and Sexuality Education in American Public Schools.” In Curriculum and the Culture Wars: When and Where is Religion Appropriate in the Public Schools?, eds. Melissa Deckman and Joseph Prud’homme. New York: Peter Lang

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy
Health Policy
Social Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation