William Blomquist

Political Science

425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN

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My research program has three main themes or emphases. One is the management of water resources, with particular attention to the governance and policy issues associated with managing water sustainably. Another is polycentric governing arrangements --how we define, observe, and evaluate polycentricity relative to other forms of governance. A third is theories of the policy process, with particular attention to the construction and change of institutional venues for policymaking.

Schlager, Edella and William Blomquist. 2008. Embracing Watershed Politics. Boulder: University Press of Colorado.
Blomquist, William and Peter DeLeon. 2011. “The Design and Promise of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework.” Policy Studies Journal. 39 (1) 1-6.
Blomquist, William, Ariel Dinar, and Karin E. Kemper. 2010. “A Framework for Institutional Analysis of Decentralization Reforms in Natural Resource Management.” Society and Natural Resources. 23 (7) 620-635.
Blomquist, William. 2011. “A Political Analysis of Property Rights.” Daniel Cole and Elinor Ostrom, eds. Property in Land and Other Resources. (pp. 369-384) Cambridge: Lincoln Institute for Land Policy.

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy PRIMARY
Environmental Policy
Governance SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY