Saba Siddiki

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
USA |  Visit Personal Website

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Dr. Siddiki's research explores three major themes: (i) links between policy design and implementation outcomes; (ii) the role of collaborative governance in policy design and implementation; and (iii) policy and individual drivers of sustainability technology and behavior adoption. Topically, her research focuses primarily on environmental and food system policies and governance.

Saba Siddiki, Xavier Basurto, and Christopher M. Weible. 2012. "Using the Institutional Grammar Tool to Understand Regulatory Compliance: The Case of Colorado Aquaculture." Regulation & Governance 6 (2): 167-188
Siddiki, Saba, Weible, Christopher M., Basurto, Xavier, and Calanni, John. 2011. "Dissecting Policy Designs: An Application of the Institutional Grammar Tool." Policy Studies Journal 39(1): 79-103.
Carter, David P., Christopher M. Weible, Saba Siddiki, and Xavier Basurto. Forthcoming. "Integrating Core Concepts from the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework for the Systematic Analysis of Policy Designs: An illustration from the U.S. National Organic Program Regulation." Journal of Theoretical Politics.
David Carter, Christopher M. Weible, Saba Siddiki, Sara Miller Chonaiew, and John Brett. Forthcoming. “Assessing Policy Divergence: How to Investigate the Differences between a Law and a Corresponding Regulation.” Public Administration.
Resh, William, Saba Siddiki, and William R. McConnell. Forthcoming. "Does the Network Centrality of Government Actors Matter? Examining the Role of Government Organizations in Aquaculture Partnerships." Review of Policy Research.
Saba Siddiki. Forthcoming. "Assessing Policy Design and Interpretation: An Institutions Based Analysis in the Context of Aquaculture in Florida and Virginia, US." Review of Policy Research.

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Governance PRIMARY
Science and Technology Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation