Robert E. Connor

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Decision, Risk and Management Sciences

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My research encompasses climate change, risk and regulatory practices, and resilience/vulnerability to disasters are broad areas. Linking public opinion to public policy remains a constant research focus. A current project is exploring public understanding of climate change and how that understanding relates to behavior.

O'Connor, Robert, 2015. "Transparency and the Regulatory Process in Europe and the United States: Two Research Priorities." Journal of Risk Research.
Abstract: Transparency research related to the regulatory process would benefit most from two types of empirical studies. One batch of studies, described in the fifth section of this essay, would focus on the American states and the member states of the European Union to identify the factors that determine whether regulatory processes are more transparent and whether transparency is successful in improving regulations and the regulatory process. In other words, we need comparative state (for the US) and member state (for the EU) studies to develop metrics for the quality of regulations and the role of transparency is advancing or weakening the quality of regulations at the state (for the US) and member state (for the EU) level. The second batch of studies, described in the sixth section of this essay, would explore who uses the information currently provided at the levels of transparency currently available in regulatory processes at the European Union and federal government of the United States. Who benefits from transparency and how are they using the available transparency mechanisms?
Bostrom, Ann, Gisela Boehm, and Robert O'Connor. 2013 "Targeting and Tailoring Climate Change Communications." WIREs Climate Change 4: 447-455.
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Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy SECONDARY
Environmental Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Public Opinion PRIMARY