Daniel Béland

University of Saskatchewan
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

101 Diefenbaker Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5B8
daniel.beland@usask.ca |  Visit Personal Website

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I am currently working on several major research projects dealing with fiscal and social policy. In all these projects, I seek to explore broad theoretical issues such as the role of ideas and institutions in policy-making. For example, with Professor André Lecours from the University of Ottawa, I am currently working on the relationship between territorial politics and public policy in Australian, Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I am also writing on health care and social policy reform in countries like Canada, Ghana, the United Kingdom and the United States. This is only a partial list of my many research and publishing projects, which are often collaborative in nature. My website keeps track of all my publications and it is updated on a regular basis: www.danielbeland.org

Béland, Daniel, and Alex Waddan. 2012. "The Politics of Policy Change: Welfare, Medicare, and Social Security Reform in the United States." Georgetown University Press.
Abstract: For generations, debating the expansion or contraction of the American welfare state has produced some of the nation's most heated legislative battles. Attempting social policy reform is both risky and complicated, especially when it involves dealing with powerful vested interests, sharp ideological disagreements, and a nervous public. rnrnThe Politics of Policy Change compares and contrasts recent developments in three major federal policy areas in the United States: welfare, Medicare, and Social Security. In the book, Daniel Béland and Alex Waddan argue that lawmakers should pay close attention to ideas when explaining the motivations for and obstacles to policy change. They not only contend that ideas do matter but they also seek to explain how they matter.rnrnThis insightful volume concentrates on three cases of social policy reform (or attempted reform) that took place during the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Béland and Waddan further employ their framework to help explain the meaning of the 2010 health insurance reform and other developments that have taken place during the Obama presidency. The result is a book that will improve our understanding of the politics of policy change in contemporary federal politics.
URL: http://press.georgetown.edu/
Béland, Daniel, and Robert H. Cox. 2011. "Ideas and Politics in Social Science Research." Oxford University Press.
Abstract: Writing about ideas, John Maynard Keynes noted that they are "more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else." One would expect, therefore, that political science--a discipline that focuses specifically on the nature of power--would have a healthy respect for the role of ideas. However, for a variety of reasons--not least of which is the influence of rational choice theory, which presumes that individuals are self-maximizing rational actors--this is not the case, and the literature on the topic is fairly thin. As the stellar cast of contributors to this volume show, ideas are in fact powerful shapers of political and social life.rnrnIn Ideas and Politics in Social Science Research, Daniel Béland and Robert Henry Cox have gathered leading scholars from a variety of subdisciplines in political science and sociology to provide a general overview of the theoretical, empirical, and methodological issues raised by social science research on ideas and politics. Throughout, they hone in on three central questions. What is the theoretical basis for studying ideas in politics? What are the best methods? What sort of empirical puzzles can be solved by examining ideas and related phenomena such as discourse, policy paradigms, and framing processes? In sum, this is a state-of-the-art academic work on both the role of ideas in politics and the analytical utility that derives from studying them.
URL: http://www.oup.com/us/catalog/general/subject/Politics/?view=usa&ci=9780199736874
Béland, Daniel, and Andrea Lecours. 2008. "Nationalism and Social Policy: The Politics of Territorial Solidarity." Oxford University Press.
Abstract: Despite the recent proliferation of literature on nationalism and on social policy, relatively little has been written to analyse the possible interaction between the two. Scholars interested in social citizenship have indirectly dealt with the interaction between national identity and social programs, but they have seldom examined this connection in reference to nationalism. Specialists of nationalism rarely mention social policy, focusing instead on language, culture, ethnicity, and religion. The main objective of this book is to explore the nature of the connection between nationalism and social policy from a comparative and historical perspective. At the theoretical level, this analysis will shed new light on a more general issue: the relationships between identity formation, territorial politics, and social policy.rnrnThe cases at the centre of this study are three multinational states, that is, states featuring strong nationalist movements: Canada (Québec), the United Kingdom (Scotland), and Belgium (Flanders).The book looks at the interplay between nationalism and social policy at both the state and sub-state levels through a detailed comparison between these three cases. In its concluding chapter, the book brings in cases of mono-national states, like Germany and the United States to provide broader comparative insight on the meshing of nationalism and social policy. The original theoretical framework for this research is built using insight from selected scholarship on nationalism and on the welfare state.
URL: http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199546848.do
Daniel Béland, Philip Rocco and Alex Waddan. 2016. "Obamacare Wars: Federalism, State Politics, and the Affordable Care Act." University Press of Kansas.
Abstract: This is the first monograph devoted to the politics of implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the 50 states. Our political and comparative analysis of federalism and health care reform focuses on three major components of the ACA: health-insurance exchanges, Medicaid expansion, and regulatory reform.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy
Health Policy
Social Policy PRIMARY
Comparative Public Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History SECONDARY
Policy Process Theory
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation PRIMARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation