Kerry G. Herron

University of Oklahoma (Retired)
Center for Applied Social Research

6024 W Yuma Mine Circle
Tucson, AZ

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My public policy research interests include national security, energy security, and environmental security, with special focus on public opinion research of the nuclear dimensions of security and the challenges of terrorism. I have extensive experience in applied survey research methodologies, including design, application, and analyses of national and international surveys of mass and elite publics. I have been a principal researcher on the most extensive longitudinal study of American views on nuclear weapons and nuclear security ever conducted. I am especially interested in how public attitudes on national and international security are evolving in the post-Cold War era and how they are affected by terrorism. Additionally, I currently am researching and writing a book on balancing liberty and security in an era of of mass casualty terrorism. The objective is to better understand how normative beliefs and expectations about freedom and security evolve during and after periods of peace, war, and national crises, and to relate public expectations to policy requirements.

Herron, Kerry G., Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, and Carol L. Silva. 2012. US Public Perspectives on Security: Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism, Energy and the Environment: 2011. Published Report: SAND2012-0165. Albuquerque, NM: Sandia National Laboratories.
Ripberger, Joseph T., Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, and Kerry G. Herron. 2011. "How Cultural Orientations Create Shifting National Security Coalitions on Nuclear Weapons and Terrorist Threats in the American Public." PS: October.
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Jenkins-Smith, Hank C., Carol L. Silva, Kerry G. Herron, Evaristo "Tito" Bonano, and Rob P. Rechard. 2012. "Designing a Process for Consent-Based Siting of Used Nuclear Fuel Facilities: Analysis of Public Support." The Bridge 42 (3): 28-39.
Jenkins-Smith, Hank C., Carol L. Silva, Kerry G. Herron, Sarah R. Trousset, and Rob P. Rechard. 2012. "Enhancing the Acceptability and Credibility of a Repository for Spent Nuclear Fuel." The Bridge 42 (2): 49-58.
Herron, Kerry G., and Hank C. Jenkins-Smith. 2006. Critical Masses and Critical Choices: Evolving Public Opinion on Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism, and Security.Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.
Jenkins-Smith, Hank C., and Kerry G. Herron. 2009. "Rock and a Hard Place: Public Willingness to Trade Civil rights and Liberties for Greater Security." Politics and Policy 37 (5): 1095-1125.

Substantive Focus:
Defense and Security PRIMARY
International Relations SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY
Public Opinion SECONDARY