Briana Kordsmeier

University of Arkansas
Public Policy

428 Old Main
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR

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My main focus is to analyze the issues faced by American minority community members (i.e., those who exist outside the largely white, heteronormative mainstream American society and who have historically suffered the negative results of public policy decisions and executions) and the various means by which these experiences are created systematically, institutionally, and at the individual level – all of which contribute to policies that address, perpetuate, alter, or even worsen these issues as they are experienced.  I am most interested in the factors that form Americans’ individual policy positions on equality-oriented policies (and LGBT and racial equality-oriented policies in particular), as well as how policymakers can consider these influences when drafting and implementing policy recommendations and legislation. Further, I hope to contribute to analyses of the underlying institutional racial and sexual orientation-based boundaries that have been historically created in order to more fully understand how they operate, and thus how they can be addressed when forming and revising contemporary social welfare policies. Specifically, how can social welfare policies – those surrounding the criminal justice system, affordable housing, joblessness, and health opportunities – be improved through the understanding of the specific experiences and needs of racial and ethnic minority community members who are often forced to more heavily rely on them?

Substantive Focus:
Social Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation
Public Opinion PRIMARY