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Casale Mashiah, Donatella (2019). Income Concentration Trends and Competition in the Charitable Sector: An Analysis of Jewish Charities in England and Wales. Contemporary Jewry, 39(2), 293-339.
Abstract: Jewish charities are a subgroup of about two thousand, five hundred organizations, accounting for 1.5% of the total number of main charities in England and Wales. The increasing total income of general charities has prompted considerable debate about the perceived concentration of income and the perceived dominance of bigger charities over smaller ones. Meanwhile, the implications of competition for charitable behavior have remained underappreciated. Building on these assumptions and aiming to test how far the results of research carried out in the charitable sector in general apply to the Jewish charitable sector in particular, the research investigates the trends in concentration of income of a sample of 1301 Jewish charities operating between 1995 and 2015, using common measures of concentration to describe the competitiveness of the Jewish charitable sector in England and Wales. The findings suggest that the sector, in line with the wider UK charitable sector, experienced high levels of growth in terms of both aggregate total income and the number of charities operating, along with decreasing levels of income concentration. These findings allow one to hypothesize that other things being constant, the increasing numbers of entrant charities may well have increased the size distribution of charities providing the same products or services, therefore exacerbating the competition for charitable funding in the Jewish charitable sector at the expences of service provision.
Casale Mashiah, Donatella (2018). Vital statistics of the UK Jewish population: births and deaths. London: Institute for Jewish Policy Reseach and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
Abstract: The report forms part of JPR’s research programme for the Board of Deputies of British Jews and investigates the numbers of births and deaths that have taken place in the Jewish population of the UK in recent years. The report demonstrates that the UK Jewish community has turned an important corner in recent years. Following several decades of demographic decline, during which Jewish deaths consistently exceeded Jewish births, births have exceeded deaths in every year since 2006, which implies Jewish demographic growth in the UK, all other factors being equal (e.g. migration, adhesions, renouncements). Beyond the overarching story of the Jewish population that these data reveal, the numbers themselves are also essential for planning purposes. They are of significant value to local authorities, politicians, community leaders, educators and charitable organizations among others, since they can be applied to assess a variety of communal needs, such as childcare facilities, school places, elderly care facilities, religious services and burial grounds.
Casale Mashiah, D. (2017). Italy: Post-NPM and Fragmentation. Assessing the Implementation of a One-Stop Shop for Business Reform Initiative in the Municipality of Siena. In Bjørnå, H., Leixnering, S., & Polzer, T. (Eds.) "Joined-up" Local Governments? Restructuring and Reorganizing Internal Management, 151-168. Vienna: Facultas.
Abstract: This chapter is designed to examine the implementation of a Joined-Up Government (JUG) style reform initiative introducing one-stop shops for business at a local level of government in Italy, and focuses on the implementation of this initiative in the municipality of Siena. The chapter is based on data collected by means of semi-structured interviews. The findings allow concluding that the reform was introduced to boost a more integrated service delivery and established in response to the perceived fragmentation of public sector service delivery. In fact it was introduced with the purpose of identifying single interfaces between citizens and administrations for issuing business licenses and to increase vertical and horizontal coordination among the public entities involved in regulatory management. Notwithstanding, the interviews revealed that the initiative presented a piecemeal implementation at a local level due to organisational difficulties, slow adaptation to integrated IT systems and a managerial approach still insufficiently focused on business processes set off against the desired coordination and simplification efforts. From a more general perspective, along with some achievements, the barriers to an effective focus to coordination and service delivery are still embedded in the specification of Italian reforms, still afflicted by implementation gaps, heavy administrative burdens, resistance to change, a whole variety of wide-ranging and incoherent reforms, inconsistent political support, varied speed and degree of modernisation in different geographical areas and types of administrations, along with a lack of evaluation at a national level.
Casale Mashiah, Donatella, Boyd, Jonathan (2017). Synagogue Membership in the UK in 2016. London: Institute for Jewish Policy Research.
Abstract: Synagogue membership data have been gathered and analysed consistently in the UK over several decades, and constitute the best measure of Jewish communal affiliation that exists, and are thus of particular interest to community leaders and planners. The report, authored by JPR researchers Dr Donatella Casale Mashiah and Dr Jonathan Boyd, finds that despite the fact that there are now 454 synagogues in the UK – the largest number ever recorded – synagogue membership numbers have dropped below 80,000 households for the first time since records began. Indeed, there has been a 20% decline over a quarter of a century, and a 4% decline since the last such report was published in 2010.
Proeller, I., Wenzel, A. K., Vogel, D., Mussari, R., Casale, D., Turc, E., & Guenoun, M. (2016) "Do They All Fail?: A Comparative Analysis of Performance-Related Pay Systems in Local Governments" Kuhlman, S., Bouckaert, G. (eds) Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis (pp. 139-152). Palgrave Macmillan UK.
Abstract: This book chapter examines the introduction and implementation of performance-related pay (PRP) in the public sector, one of the main trends in public management reform in the last two decades. Focusing on the local government level in Germany, France, and Italy, the authors explore the why PRP systems have failed to manifest a core position within in performance-oriented reform agendas. Diffusion and implementation practices in the three countries show significant differences, which have led to significant heterogeneity to as well as variance in the implementation of PRP. The chapter is included in “Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis” Kuhlmann, Sabine, Bouckaert, Geert (Eds.). The book compares the trajectories and effects of local public sector reform in Europe and fills a research gap that has existed so far in comparative public administration and local government studies. Based on the results of COST research entitled, ‘Local Public Sector Reforms: an International Comparison’, this volume takes a European-scale approach, examining local government in 28 countries.
DOI: 10.1057/978-1-137-52548-2_8
Casale, D. 2015. "How Does the Study of Subjective Well-Being became Significant for Economic Research and why it is Relevant for the Policy Studies?" The Journal of Young Economists, 1-19.
Abstract: The economic science has often been defined as ‘dismal’. However, it witnessed the origin of a new branch right inside its discipline aimed at understanding the determinants of happiness, also known as subjective well-being (SWB), and thus to contribute to the improvement of such dimensions using its theoretical and methodological tools. This article aims at reviewing the contributions that have given rise to the study of happiness in economics by highlighting the discussion about the implications for policymaking and the analysis of the methodological instruments used to this purpuse. We found that the study of SWB in economics is significant in order to better understand the determinants of SWB and it presents opportunities also for the policy studies, especially for a better design and evaluation of public policies’ impact on social welfare.
URL: http://
Casale, D. 2013. "Finance and the Good Society [Review of the Book Finance and the Good Society by Robert J. Shiller, Princeton New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2012]." Financial Reporting (1):187-195.
Abstract: The concept of common and greater good, with necessary distinction, is a powerfully and vehemently recurring issue in one of the New York Times' best-selling economists and Yale University Sterling Professor's latest book, Robert J. Shiller, entitled Finance and the Good Society. In his book Shiller defines finance as ‘the science of goal architecture’ , which is able to structure the economic arrangements needed to achieve a set of important goals for society; wielding the essential stewardship of the assets required for that achievement. The author reminds that the very meaning of the word finance derives from ‘finis’, the classical Latin term for ‘goal’. In this vision the goal matters, and for the author finance is exactly the means to achieve society's greater goals.
DOI: 10.3280/FR2013-001009

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