Mark E. Tompkins

University of South Carolina
Political Science

Department of Political Science
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
29208 |  Visit Personal Website

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I am currently working on projects focused on accountability mechanisms in public policy. Our most important project involves the replication of a study of the consequences of restructuring legislation in South Carolina (two waves of elite surveys, decades of budget data, etc.). I am working with a collaborator on a series of analyses about the role of "stakeholders" ("customers" and others) in shaping public policy. Several of us are also working on a series of projects about interjecting active learning into the study of public policy. Finally, I have a long simmering analysis of state-level policies on professional discipline (including data and site visits).

Tompkins, Mark E. et al. 1985. "The Risk of Low Birth Weight: Alternative Models of Neonatal Mortality." American Journal of Epidemiology 122 (6): 1067-1079.
Tompkins, Mark E. 1988. "Have Gubernatorial Elections Become More Distinctive Contests?" The Journal of Politics 50 (1): 192-205.
Jos, P. H., and Mark E. Tompkins. 2009. "Keeping It Public: Defending Public Service Values in a Customer Service Age." Public Administration Review 69 (6): 1077-1086.

Substantive Focus:
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Health Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History SECONDARY
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation