Larry Randall Wray

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Department of Economics, University of Missouri-Kansas City
5100 Rockhill Road, Haag Hall 211
Kansas City, MO

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- Financial System Regulation - Employment Policies - Job Guarantee Programs - Pensions Policy - Healthcare Policy - Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Nersisyan, Yeva, and L. Randall Wray. 2010. "Deficit Hysteria Redux? Why We Should Stop Worrying About U.S. Government Deficits." Public Policy Brief No. 111. Levy Economics Institute. May.
Auerback, Marshall, and L. Randall Wray. 2010. "Toward True Health Care Reform: More Care, Less Insurance." Public Policy Brief No. 110. Levy Economics Institute. March.
Wray, L. Randall. 2010. "What Should Banks Do? A Minskyan Analysis." Public Policy Brief No. 115. Levy Economics Institute. September.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy
Social Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation