Marie T. Mora

University of Texas-Pan American
Department of Economics and Finance

Department of Economics and Finance
1201 W. University Drive
Edinburg, TX

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My primary research interests are in labor economics, particularly in the areas of Hispanic labor-market outcomes (including self-employment issues) as well as the economics of the U.S.-Mexico border. A lot of my research utilizes public-use microdata from the decennial census and the American Community Survey. My studies also involve policy prescriptions.

Dávila, Alberto, and Marie T. Mora. 2008. "Changes in the Relative Earnings Gap between Natives and Immigrants along the U.S.-Mexico Border." Journal of Regional Science 48 (3): 525-545.
Dávila, Alberto, and Marie T. Mora. 2009. "English Proficiency and the Entrepreneurial Income among Mexican Immigrant Men in the U.S. between 1990 and 2005." In An American Story: Mexican American Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation, eds. John Sibley Butler, Alfonso Morales, and David Torres. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press. p. 61-78.
Mora, Marie T., and Alberto Dávila, eds. 2009. Labor Market Issues along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy

Theoretical Focus: