Stuty Maskey

Oregon State University
Public Policy

Bexell Hall, School of Public Policy
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

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In the last few decades, wider public engagement in federal or state owned natural resources has gained wide recognition globally. The literature is rife with case studies of successful collaborative efforts at the local or grassroots level, for instance from forestry or watershed management. There is however, a gap of knowledge on stakeholder participation processes at the national policy making level. At the same time, there is a rising interest from stakeholders to contribute formally in the policy-making process. I am interested to understand the challenges and potential for wider stakeholder engagement in the formal process of policy-making. What are the pre-conditions for effective state and non-state collaboration at the policy level? Secondly, the goals of stakeholder collaboration are much different at the national level compared to the community level collaboration. I am interested to understand how do stakeholders collaborate when stakes relate to national development goals such as sector governance reform, strategy development, GDP contribution and related national indicators.

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy SECONDARY
Environmental Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus: