Fred Aaron Lazin

Ben Gurion University of the Negev Beer Sheva, Israel
Politics and Government

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My major research concerns are: Policy implementation, Israeli politics and public policies and the role and impact of major American Jewish organizations in American politics. At present I am preparing a book length manuscript on the role of Christian Clergy in the American struggle for Soviet Jewry 1968-1989. It focuses on the National Interreligious Task Force on Soviet Jewry which was directed by Sister Ann Gillen.

Lazin, Fred, Matt Evans, Vincent Hoffmann-Martinot and Hellmut Wollmann, eds. 2007. Local Government Reforms in Countries in Transition: A Global Perspective. Lexington Books.
Abstract: The book contains a series of articles on administrative changes in local governments in regimes of transformation. Many of the papers deal with the the countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, Israel and Egypt.
Lazin, Fred A., Matt Evans and N. Jayaram, eds. Forthcoming. Higher Education and Equality of Opportunity: Cross-National Perspectives. Lexington Books.
Abstract: From Asia to Europe, Africa to Australia?seemingly everywhere, higher education policy is headed in the same direction. The movement to broaden access to public universities, the dominant strategy during the 1970s and 1980s, has largely shifted to enable the marketplace rather than the government, to shape the contours of higher education. Government funding is being reduced, affirmative action and other programs designed to insure broader access are in decline and personal fulfillment is replacing a public good designed to insure greater equality of opportunity. rnThis book presents case studies of how this sea of change in higher education has played out in economically developed and developing countries. It is based on several country reports presented at the ?Hurst Seminar on Higher Education and Equality of Opportunity: Cross National Perspectives" at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) (Israel) in June 2008. rn
Lazin, Fred A. 2005. The Struggle for Soviet Jewry in American Politics: Israel versus the American Jewish Establishment. Lexington Books.
Abstract: Until 1989 most Soviet Jews wanting to immigrate to the United States left on visas for Israel via Vienna. In Vienna, with the assistance of American aid organizations, thousands of Soviet Jews transferred to Rome and applied for refugee entry into the United States. The Struggle for Soviet Jewry in American Politics examines the conflict between the Israeli government and the organized American Jewish community over the final destination of Soviet Jewish émigrés between 1967 and 1989. A generation after the Holocaust, a battle surrounded the thousands of Soviet Jewish émigrés fleeing persecution by choosing to resettle in the United States instead of Israel. Exploring the changing ethnic identity and politics of the United States, Fred A. Lazin engages history, ethical dilemma, and diplomacy to uncover the events surrounding this conflict. This book is essential reading for students and scholars of public policy, immigration studies, and Jewish history.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy
Social Policy SECONDARY
Comparative Public Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History PRIMARY
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY