Eran Vigoda-Gadot

University of Haifa
Division of Public Administration & Policy
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Current and future research projects follow two tracks: (1) Organizational behavior and management: here I further investigate advanced aspects of organizational politics, especially in the public sector, and potential explanatory models for its emergence and consequences. I also focus on the meaning of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), especially its dark side of Compulsory OCB, innovation and change in public organizations, as well as behavior in this environment. My goal is to explore the effect of these behaviors on performance and affectivity, both at the individual and organizational levels. Another track is to advance knowledge on the comparative prospects for the private and the public sectors. (2) Public administration and politics: here I intend to focus on trust and satisfaction of citizens and their impact on public policy and on political behavior and involvement. I try to explore citizens' role in governance, citizens' participation in politics and in public administration activity, collaboration among the three sectors (private, public, and third sector), citizens' attitudes towards governments and their relationship with democratic mechanisms both in the federal, state, and the local level. In this area I examine the behaviors of both citizens and public personnel under dynamics of change and reforms in modern nations.

Vigoda, E. 2002. "Stress-Related Aftermaths to Workplace Politics: The Relationship Among Politics, Job Distress, and Aggressive Behavior in Organizations." Journal of Organizational Behavior 23: 571-591.
Vigoda-Gadot, E. 2007. "Citizens' Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Ethics in Public Administration: A Five-Year Study of Their Relationship to Satisfaction with Services, Trust in Governance, and Voice Orientations." Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 17: 285-305.
Vigoda, E. 2002. "From Responsiveness to Collaboration: Governance, Citizens, and the Next Generation of Public Administration." Public Administration Review 62 (5): 527-540.

Substantive Focus:
Governance PRIMARY
Social Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Public Opinion PRIMARY