Gordon L. Clark

University of Oxford
Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment

Smith School
Oxford University
Oxford, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom
gordon.clark@ouce.ox.ac.uk |  Visit Personal Website

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Gordon L. Clark is Professor and Director of the Smith School at Oxford University and is Sir Louis Matheson Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia). His current research is on the governance of financial institutions, focusing upon the competence and consistency of decision-makers and the design of rules and regulations to enhance the investment performance of these institutions. Related research centres on individual financial decision-making in defined contribution plans emphasizing the intersection between cognition and context. We have been especially interested in the savings process, who plans for the future, and the extent to which recognised biases in human reasoning are more or less significant in the planning process according to people's age, income, and experience in financial markets.

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Clark, Gordon L. 2003. European Pensions & Global Finance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Clark, Gordon L., and Dariusz Wojcik. 2007. The Geography of Finance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Clark, Gordon L., Kendra Strauss, and Janelle Knox-Hayes. 2012. Saving for Retirement. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy SECONDARY
Governance PRIMARY
Comparative Public Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation PRIMARY