Mary A. Stegmaier

University of Virginia
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
PO Box 400775
Charlottesville, VA

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My current research focuses on how the economy affects elections/voting behavior in Europe. Additionally, I continue to research various aspects of Czech politics including support for the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia and the representation of women in national level politics.

Fauvelle-Aymar, Christine, and Mary Stegmaier. 2008. "Economic and Political Effects on European Parliamentary Electoral Turnout in Post-Communist Europe." Electoral Studies 27: 661-672.
Lewis-Beck, Michael S., and Mary Stegmaier. 2009. "American Voter to Economic Voter: Evolution of an Idea." Electoral Studies 28: 625-631.
Stegmaier, Mary, and Klara Vlachova. 2009. "The Endurance of the Czech Communist Party." Politics and Policy 37: 799-820.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Public Opinion