Sally K. Gallagher

Oregon State University
School of Public Policy

300 Bexell
Corvallis, OR

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Gallagher, Sally K. 2012. "Making Do in Damascus: Navigating a Generation of Change in Family and Work." Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press
Abstract: Based on nearly two decades of fieldwork in Damascus, this monograph assesses the interplay of family and gender ideals in the context of a rapidly changing political economy. Drawing on interviews with women across three levels of society, chapters on education, engagement, marriage, employment and technological change explore three related questions. First, how do the resources that vary for women at different levels of society affect how they interpret normative culture around gender? Second, how does social structure of Syria form and limit the parameters within which women with little, moderate or ample resources manage gender schema, employment and identity? Third, what is the relationship between socio-economic structures and women's networks of family and friends.
Gallagher, Sally K.. 2003. Evangelical Identity and Gendered Family Life. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.
Abstract: Abstract: Based on an analysis of national survey data, personal interviews and self-help literature, this monograph assesses two strands of gender ideals and practice among evangelical Protestants in America. Tracing themes of mutuality and hierarchy from the Puritans to the Promise Keepers and in the lives of ordinary evangelicals today, the book makes the case that evangelicalideals with regard to feminism, employment and family are niether simply an accommodation to nor reaction against "secular" society, but reflections of longstanding and deeply held beliefs about human nature and the person of God. Most evangelicals are pragmatic egalitarians, even while espousing traditional ideals around gender, work and family.

Substantive Focus:
Social Policy PRIMARY

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