Carol L. Silva

University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Director, Center for Risk and Crisis Management

201 Stephenson Parkway, Suite 2300
5 Partners Place
Norman, OK
United States
73072 |  Visit Personal Website

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My research interests encompass the intersection of a set of theoretical and methodological social science issues. I study social valuation generally, and more specifically the translation of values into public choice. The empirical underpinnings of the social valuation and risk perception research are grounded in applied survey research methodologies and public policy analysis. The specific topics of research interest include: risk perception, environmental politics and policy; science and technology policy; climate, weather and social science, contingent valuation methodology; policy analysis; cost benefit analysis; risk analysis and assessment.

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Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy SECONDARY
Environmental Policy PRIMARY
Science and Technology Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY
Public Opinion