Rama Mohana R Turaga

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Public Systems Group

Wing 16F, IIMA Old Campus
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
mohant@iima.ac.in |  Visit Personal Website

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I am currently interested in understanding the politics of environmental policy making in India. On this front, I have just completed a paper on understanding the political process that underlies the formulation of India's environmental impact assessment regulation. I have two other ongoing projects in this area - one on the policy process that led to notification of environmental standards for coal-fired power plants in India and the other on the influence of elite discourse on public preference between environmental protection and economic growth in India. The second stream of research on which I work is understanding how publicly provided information could impact individual behaviour. In one of the projects, we have conducted a survey-based experiment to study whether a specific form of environmental indicator information influences individuals’ hypothetical pro-environment behaviors. In another project, we have just completed data collection in Ahmedabad city in India to understand the extent to which public information campaigns influence individuals’ willingness to engage in behaviours that prevent spread of swine flu.

Substantive Focus:
Energy and Natural Resource Policy SECONDARY
Environmental Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY
Public Opinion