Ronald H. Heck

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Educational Administration and Policy

College of Education/EDEA
1776 University Avenue
Honolulu, HI

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My current research focuses on evaluating the outcomes and impacts resulting from policy actions--the differential results of such actions on groups of individuals and on the future actions of policymakers and the external environment. In particular, I am interested in how such effects manifest themselves over time within organizations and indviduals, and how concurrently, changes in organizations and individuals may modify subsequent actions.

Heck, Ronald H., Lam, W. S. & Thomas, S. L. 2012. "State Political Culture, Higher Education Spending Indicators and Undergraduate Graduation Outcomes." Educational Policy. First published online before print on August 6, 2012.
Abstract: Issues concerning higher education today (e.g., rising costs, declining public trust, changing state economics) have created new demands for postsecondary institutions to demonstrate their productivity. We examine whether differences in states’ political cultures (i.e., underlying traditions, values, and public policy choices) are reflected in variability between state finance policy indicators and institutional variables that explain undergraduate graduation rates. To test our proposed model, we use longitudinal data on state indicators and institutional variables that explain differences in graduation rates compiled over an 11-year period. Our findings suggest that differences in political culture represent mediating factors between states’ economic contexts and higher education appropriations, which help explain variation in their graduation rates over time.
DOI: doi:10.1177/0895904812453996
Heck, Ronald H. 2010. "Teacher effectiveness and student achievement: Investigating a multilevel cross-classified model." Journal of Educational Administration 47 (2): 227-249.
Orsuwan, Meechai, and Ronald H. Heck. 2009. "Merit-Based Student Aid and Freshman Interstate College Migration: Testing a Dynamic Model of Policy Change." Research in Higher Education 50 (1): 24-51.
Heck, Ronald H., and Robin Takahashi. 2006. "Examining the impact of Proposition 48 on graduation rates in Division 1A football and program recruiting behavior: Testing a policy change model." Educational Policy 20 (4): 587-614.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy PRIMARY
Social Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY