Meeyoung Song Lamothe

University of Oklahoma
Political Science

455 West Lindsey Street
Norman, OK

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I am currently working on three different research projects that involve varying levels of analysis. At the local government level, my coauthor and I investigate the differences/similarities between hard and soft services in terms of their contracting patterns and management in order to test the conventional economic assumptions involved in these two contrasting types of services. At the state level, I examine the implication of the recent child welfare service reform in Florida through the lens of principal-agent theory and explore the effects of two different institutional designs on controlling of agents. Lastly, my coauthors and I attempt to identify potential determinants of United Way funding allocations and test whether its much touted outcome-based funding strategy has been implemented at the local level.

Lamothe, Meeyoung and Scott Lamothe. 2010. "Competing for What? Linking Competition to Performance in Social Service Contracting." American Review of Public Administration 40 (3):326-350.
DOI: 11.77/0275074009337621
Meeyoung Lamothe. 2011. "Redesigning the Hollow State: A Study of Florida Child Welfare Service Reform Through the Lens of Principal-Agent Theory." International Journal of Public Administration 34: 497-515.
DOI: DOI: 10.1080/02900692.2011.582622
Lamothe, Meeyoung, and Scott Lamothe. Forthcoming. "To Trust or Not To Trust: What Matters in Local Government-Vendor Relationships?" Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

Substantive Focus:
Governance PRIMARY
Social Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation PRIMARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation SECONDARY