James Craig Clinger

Murray State University
Political Science and Sociology
Murray, Kentucky

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I am currently working on some research on the economic effects of degree production by universities at the state level with Jisun Youm. I completed an edited volume on Kentucky politics in 2014. I hope to do a second edition of that book in the coming years. I am currently examining the role of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in managing national markets for electric power. I have also done some research on the preemption doctrine and executive-led challenges to state policy. I am also working on an edited volume on local government administration in small towns and rural areas with Michael Hail.

Clinger, James C. Forthcoming, 2015. "Preemption Transformed: From the Supremacy of Federal 'Laws' to Rule by Executive Memo," chapter to be published in Federalism: Historical Development and Modern Governance, edited by Michael Hail.
Battle, Martin, and James C. Clinger. Forthcoming, 2014. "School Resources and Student Outcomes in Kentucky Public High Schools," Commonwealth Review of Politics. 2:1
Clinger, James C., and Michael Hail. 2013. Kentucky Government, Politics, and Policymaking. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.
Clinger, James, Barbara McCabe, Richard Feiock, and Christopher Stream. 2008. "Turnover among City Administrators: The Role of Political and Economic Change." Public Administration Review 68 (2): 380-386.
McCabe, Barara, Richard Feiock and Hyung-Jun Park. 2008. "Turnover, Transaction Costs and Time Horizons: An Examination of Municipal Debt Financing." American Review of Public Administration 38: 167-179.

Substantive Focus:
Law and Policy PRIMARY
Education Policy
Energy and Natural Resource Policy
Governance SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY