Daniel P. Hawes

Kent State University
Political Science

302 Bowman Hall
Kent, OH

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Daniel Hawes’ research interests deal with questions related to public policy and public administration, broadly, and substantively focus on education and immigration policy. His research incorporates aspects of public administration, public management, and state and local politics in examining questions of public policy and policy performance. A central theme in his research is a focus on the determinants of public policy outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged groups. A fundamental question that his work has sought to address is: How can government – via policy, structure, bureaucracy or management – better address the inequities we observe in policy outcomes for disadvantaged groups? In doing so, his work has explicitly examined the role of public management, organizational structure, political representation, organizational and external environments on shaping policy outcomes. He has approached this broad question through different theoretical lens – e.g., social capital, representative bureaucracy, rational choice, public management – and in different substantive contexts – e.g. K-12 education, higher education, immigration.

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Rocha, Rene, Daniel P. Hawes, Alisa Hicklin Fryar, and Robert Wrinkle. 2014. "Policy Climates, Enforcement Rates, and Migrant Behavior: Is Self-Deportation a Viable Immigration Policy?" Policy Studies Journal 42 (1):79-100.
Hawes, Daniel P., Rene R. Rocha and Kenneth J. Meier. 2013. “Social Capital in the Fifty States: Measuring State-Level Social Capital 1986-2004.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 13:21-138.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy SECONDARY
Governance PRIMARY
Social Policy

Theoretical Focus: