Judith Eleanor Innes

University of California Berkeley
City and Regional Planning

228 Wurster
University of California
Berkeley, CA

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I am interested in the intersection of governance, planning and public policy. In particular I believe that collaborative approaches to governance are essential to our dynamic, complex and changing world but I also note that formal government makes such approaches difficult if not impossible. Networks and other informal processes however are filling in the gap. My goal is to develop new ways to think about and approach governance, planning an public policy that accommodate collaborative, innovative and boundary spanning activities that will be essential in the 21st Century.

Innes, Judith, and David E. Booher. 2010. "Governance for Resilience: CALFED as a Complex Adaptive Network for Resource Management." Ecology and Society.
Innes, Judith, and David Booher. 2011. "Strategies for Megaregion Governance: Collaborative Dialogue, Networks, and Self Organization." Journal of the American Planning Association.
Innes, Judith, and David Booher. 2010. Planning with Complexity: An Introduction to Collaborative Rationality for Public Policy. London Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

Substantive Focus:
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Governance PRIMARY
Urban Public Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY