Iris Geva-May

Baruch College ay CUNY
School of Public Policy

1280 Fifth Ave Apt 19 F
New York, New York

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Professor Iris Geva-May is the founding Editor-in-chief of the international Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice (JCPA), Routledge, Oxford, UK which has pioneered the field of comparative policy analysis since 1997. She is the founder of the International Comparative Policy Analysis-Forum since 2005 - a Scholarly Society dedicated to promoting comparative policy studies (, now comprising 48 international institutional members, and partnering with ten international associations and awarding the Award for the Best a Comparative a Paper at their annual conferences. Over 1400 members support its mission. Professor Geva-May has been a Fulbright recipient (UCBerkeley) among numerous other awards and prestigious research grants (Canadian SSHRC; Ford Foundation; British Council and others) Presently she serves as International Executive Committee member, NASPAA; Council member IPPA, editorial board member IJPM and associate Editor International JPAE. Her research focuses upon (a) comparative policy and public affairs studies; (b) methodology of policy analysis and evaluation; (b) comparative public policy (c) developments and design of public affairs instruction worldwide; (c) institutional cultures and affect on policy analysis and policy planning; (d) clinical professional reasoning in the policy analysis profession; (e) policy formulation and policy implementation models; and (f) the policy foci of her studies are immigration, environment, higher education, healthcare. Her most recent publications are An International Library for Policy Analysis, Policy Press, London (Eds With M. Howlett) a seven years series starting 2013; a Handbook for Comparative a Policy Analysis, Routledge, (Eds. with M. Brans and M. Howlet) and a forthcoming Methodology for Policy Analysis. She is author of a Clinical Approach to Policy Analysis , Palgrave McMillan, and An Operational Approach to Policy Analysis, Kluwer (with Aaron Wildavsky)(Chinese translation Wunan Press, Taiwan).

Geva-May, I. 2002. "The Missing Variable: Cultural Bias in Policy Analysis." Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Special Issue: Policy and Culture 4 (3):243-265.
Geva-May, I. 2007. "We Seem to Have Always Spoken in Prose…: Policy Analysis Is a Clinical Profession. Implications for Policy Analysis and Policy Analysis Instruction." Policy Studies Journal 35 (2):135-169.
Geva-May, I. et al. 2008. "MPP Programs Emerging Around the World." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 27 (1):187-204.

Substantive Focus:
Education Policy
Environmental Policy
Health Policy
Science and Technology Policy
Comparative Public Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History
Policy Process Theory
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation SECONDARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY