Harald Sverdrup Koht

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences
Public Management and Welfare Policy Studies

Postboks 4 St. Olavs plass
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My research encompasses: citizen participation in child welfare agencies; a comparative study of local government administration of elderly care in the Baltic-Scandinavian area; the interface of civil society and local government; blame attribution by governmental investigation commissions; "good governance" in Norway; comparative trends in public administration reform; and, human security issues.

From Central Control to Local Initiative: Regional Development in Latvia and Norway, Public Policy and Administration 2016, Vol. 15, No 2, p. 290–301
Abstract: This article discusses the development of regional policies in two countries, Latvia and Norway. The aim is to present how these policies have evolved and can be understood with the application of complexity theory as a common theoretical framework for analysis. Even though Latvia and Norway have quite different experiences in regional development policy, both have tried to react to modern challenges of globalization and demographic changes by using general theories and concepts of economic and social development. Differences and similarities between the two countries are high-lighted by a review of studies from Latvia and Norway that describes the variety of policies that can be applied for regional development. Regional policy in both countries has coalesced around support for local initiative and entrepreneurship
URL: https://www.academia.edu/27155303/From_Central_Control_to_Local_Initiative_Regional_Development_in_Latvia_and_Norway
Koht, Harald and Pål Veiden. 2015. "Integration and Diversity in the Baltic Sea Region." HiOA-report 2014 14. Oslo and Akershus University College, Oslo.
Abstract: Edited volume of articles by several authors on diversity issues among Scandinavian and Baltic countries. Topics cover ethnicity, gender, media, public heath, and administrative reform.
Koht, Harald and Iveta Reinholde. 2015 "From Pre-Weber to Post-NPM: Challenges to Modernization of Public Administration in Latvia and Norway." Contemporary Governance Models and Practices in Central and Eastern Europe (pp. 75-96). Polonca Kovač and György Gajduschekeds. NISPAcee Press, Bratislava.
Abstract: This chapter presents findings from research on public service delivery in Norway and Latvia. By providing a comparative perspective we seek to show that while some of the problems faced by public officials in the two countries may be quite similar, there are also some inherent cultural issues of trust and accountability that are particularly vexing in countries where the tradition of public service has yet to be firmly established. Efforts to study and modernize public administration must take account of these differences that can be seen as challenges to the adoption of Good Governance, an administrative reform movement where some tools from earlier New Public Management may be included.
Koht, Harold, Monica Kjørstad and Geir C. Tufte. 2014. "Deciding Individual Cases in Care for Older People – The Vignette Study." Challenges from an Ageing Population: Legality, Professionalism, and Practical Ethics in Care for Older People in Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway (pp. 111 – 131). Monica Kjørstad & Geir C. Tufte, eds. Zinātne, Riga.
Abstract: The article presents and analysis data from a comparative study of attitudes toward elderly care among service providers at the local level in Latvia, Lithuania, and Norway.
Koht, Harald and Einar C. Salvensen. 2012. "Norway After 2011 – Less Secure Now?" pp. 393-408. Zinātne, Riga.
Abstract: This book chapter discusses the contribution of civil society to human security. The chapter includes data and cases fro Norway and Russia.
URL: http://www.academia.edu
Koht, Harald. 2009. "Good Governance in Norway." Z. Ozolina and I. Reinhold, eds. Good Governance (pp. 50-68) . Zinatne Publishers. Riga, Latvia.
Abstract: This book chapter presents recent trends in the modernization of public agencies in Norway together with a review of the concept of governance as used by academics as well as practitioners.
Koht, Harald and Arvydas Guogis. 2009. J. Aidukaite, ed. "Why not the Nordic Welfare State Model in Lithuania? Trends in Lithuanian and Norwegian Social Policies." Poverty, Urbanity and Social Policy. Nova Science Publishers: New York.
Abstract: This book chapter discusses recent trends in the development of social welfare politices in Lithuania and Norway.
Koht, Harald. 2008. "Attitudes Concerning User Participation in Municipal Child Welfare Services." Social Work in European Comparison (pp. 57-72) Jansen, ed. Waxmann, Munster.
Abstract: This book chapter measures and analyzes the attitudes of young social workers and child welfare protection workers towards the participation of children and their parents and other relatives in the administration of child welfare programs.

Substantive Focus:
Governance PRIMARY
Social Policy
Comparative Public Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation PRIMARY