Byron E. Price

Texas Southern University
Political Science Department

3100 Cleburne Street
Houston, TX

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My current research includes prisoner reentry, prison privatization, violence prevention, race, gender, politics and public policy, civil rights, social justice, and educational reform.

Price, Byron E. 2005. "Exploring the Determinants of Decisions to Privatize State Prisons." American Review of Public Administration 20 (1).
Price, Byron E. 2009. "Race and Ethnicity as Determinants of Privatizing State Prisons." International Review of Public Administration 13 (3).
Price, Byron E. 2012. "Economic Development Subsidies and the Funding of Private Prisons." International Journal of Public Administration.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy
Education Policy
Science and Technology Policy
Social Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Agenda-Setting, Adoption, and Implementation
Policy Analysis and Evaluation