Hal Kempley Colebatch

University of NSW
Social Science/Public Health

25 High View Road
Pretty Beach, NSW

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My interest is the architecture of public authority - that is, the forms and practices through which areas of collective concern are governed. I draw on analytical approaches from political science, public administration and organizational analysis to focus on the way that policy is used to shape thinking and practice in the managing of public concerns. I have taken a particular interest in the changing nature of policy work, the connection between policy discourse and participation, and with the relationship between academic modeling and policy practice. It is becoming clear that models of the policy process developed in the US may be far removed from the realities of the policy process in other countries (and, perhaps, in the US also). I have co-edited (with Rob Hoppe and Mirko Noordegraaf), Working for Policy, an academic-practitioner collaboration (Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2010) and two other collections on the work which makes policy: Policy Work: an International Perspective (Lanham, MD, Lexington, 2006) and Beyond the Policy Cycle: the policy process in Australia (Sydney, Allen and Unwin, 2006). I am also interested in governance as a heuristic, and have been exploring the way in which the term is used to identify and explain apparent changes in the practices of governing; I co-edited a special issue of the journal Policy and Society on this subject. I have taken a particular interest in policy as a construct in use in the field of health care, which is a particularly complex example of the structuring of public authority, and in the place of non-government or quasi-governmental players in the process. My current research is concerned with policy as an area of specialist practice, the way that people learn to do policy work, and with the relationship between policy professionals and other professionals (such as health professionals). I am also (with Rob Hoppe) editing a Handbook on he Policy Process, to be published in 2017.

Colebatch, Hal. 2010. "Valuing public value: recognizing and applying knowledge about the policy process." Australian Journal of Public Administration 69 (1): 66-78.
Colebatch, Hal. 2006. "What work makes policy?" Policy Sciences 39: 309-321.
Colebatch, Hal. 2009. "Governance as a conceptual development in the analysis of policy." Critical Policy Studies 3 (1): 58-67.

Substantive Focus:
Governance PRIMARY
Health Policy SECONDARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Process Theory PRIMARY