Praveen Prabhu Sudheer Perumalla

Bible Society of India
Telangana Auxiliary

Praveen PS, Perumalla
Bible House, opp. St. Philomena school, New Bhoiguda
Hyderabad, Telangana

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My current research is on Dalits Land Issues in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. The land management needs micro level research and the policy has to be based on micro level data. The present approach based on macro application has ignored the micro level issues that directly affects the marginalized communities in India such as Dalits, Tribals.

Praveen PS, Perumalla, No To Trodden Path: A critique on Network Marketing. (India; ISPCK, 2007).
Abstract: The above published work analyses the changeing market systems under neo-liberal economy; its effects on women, labour and religion in India.

Substantive Focus:
Economic Policy
Education Policy
Energy and Natural Resource Policy
Environmental Policy SECONDARY
Health Policy
International Relations
Science and Technology Policy
Social Policy PRIMARY

Theoretical Focus:
Policy History PRIMARY
Policy Analysis and Evaluation SECONDARY