Steve Vanderheiden

University of Colorado at Boulder
Political Science

Ketchum 106
333 UCB
Boulder, CO
80309-0333 |  Visit Personal Website

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I continue to work on various aspects of global climate policy, including the architecture of a post-Kyoto framework that takes into account the demands of climate justice as well more local approaches that aim to reconstruct the norms that structure individual greenhouse gas emissions-related behavior. My next book project is on individual responsibility for climate change, and I intend to complete most of the work for it in 2010.

Vanderheiden, Steve. 2008. "Two Conceptions of Sustainability." Political Studies 56 (2): 435-455.
Vanderheiden, Steve. 2008. Political Theory and Global Climate Change (edited volume). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.
Vanderheiden, Steve. 2008. Atmospheric Justice: A Political Theory of Climate Change. New York: Oxford University Press.

Substantive Focus:
Environmental Policy

Theoretical Focus:
Policy Analysis and Evaluation