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Dear Colleague,


The Policy Studies Journal Yearbook is currently in the process of recruiting a graduate student author to write a retrospective review to be published in the 2018 Policy Studies Journal’s Public Policy Yearbook. We are asking for recommendations for students to author articles in the following policy subfields:

  1. Public Opinion
  2. Policy Process Theories
  3. International Relations
  4. Science and Technology

These review articles will be showcased on the Yearbook’s website ( and will also be published in a supplemental issue of the Policy Studies Journal in May 2018.

These retrospective reviews should summarize the most recent developments in scholarship in the noted policy subfield (i.e., Public Opinion, etc). The articles will be peer-reviewed by established experts in that field and are evaluated on two primary criteria. First, are the important papers over the last several years included? Second, are the key concepts and directions in policy research appropriately characterized?

Our intent is to provide a resource for scholars and practitioners of public policy in terms of who is studying what, where, and how in the field of public policy. The review essays reference the leading scholarship in each theoretical and substantive domain, providing readers with quick access to both recently published work and future research interests. Many of the noted policy subfields to be included in the 2018 Yearbook have previously been reviewed in prior years of the PSJ Yearbook, and these can be viewed at:

We welcome recommendations for any up-and-coming policy scholars that are graduate students currently in the dissertation phase of their degree plan and who plan to join the broader community of public policy scholars within the next few years. These students should be working under the mentorship of established policy scholars in the chosen area of expertise. In writing these reviews, we ask that graduate students work closely with a senior scholar, either as a co-author or as a sole author. We expect that review articles will be approximately 15-20 manuscript pages in length. The initial manuscript submission deadline is September 1, 2017.

Please let us know if you have a graduate student that you would like to recommend as soon as possible (no later than March 31, 2017).

To make a recommendation, please send us an email ( describing the student’s educational background and writing experiences in one of the listed policy subfields. In addition, we ask that the recommended student provide us with either an abstract or brief outline of their proposed review article. In April 2017, the editorial board will be selecting one author for each subfield from the set of received recommendations.

As a reminder, to view examples of previously published review articles, visit the Policy Studies Journal or view online versions at:

Hank C. Jenkins-Smith

Julie Krutz

Nina Carlson
Public Policy Yearbook Editors